A Point of Sale System for Strategic Business Advantage and Operational Excellence

  • The POS of choice for NetSuite customers

    • Seamless Integration with NetSuite ERP System
    • Synchronization with NetSuite database
    • Built exclusively for NetSuite
  • One stop solution for all your POS needs

    • Register/cash drawer management
    • Sales shift & time-clock management
    • Offline and stand-alone function
  • Integrated Retail Chain Management

    • Effective inventory management
    • OPOS hardware compatible
    • User friendly
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    • Secure payment processing
    • Multiple Payment modes
    • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Effective customer management

    • Store credits on return of products
    • Varied discounting options
    • Customer specific price levels


Retail POS Suite offers a multitude of features aimed at improving in-store efficiency and productivity. Below are some product screenshots that highlight the Retail POS Suite advantage:

Receipt Screen

Once customers bring items to the till, the items are scanned and appear on the Receipt. The receipt screen in Retail POS Suite displays to the till operator, the relevant information including the Item Name, Quantity, the Unique Product Code, the Price along with the Discounted Price and the tax associated with the product. Customers can be added to the bill to avail loyalty points and other benefits such as discounts.

Receipt Payment – Tender Screen

The tender screen in Retail POS Suite offers customers the option of multiple modes of payment for a single order. The customers can choose to pay by Cash, Check, Credit Card, Gift Card and Store Credit. As each mode of payment is selected and added, the amount due from the customer is updated. The exact change to be tendered back to the customer, if any, is also displayed to the till operator and a printed receipt is generated with all the details of the transaction.

Customer Management

Retail POS Suite offers the option of maintaining customer information to maximize marketing opportunities. Customer information can be captured and loyalty programs can be offered to customers, with appropriate discounts offered based on multiple criteria. The history of transactions that a customer has with the store can also be tracked thus providing valuable information when discounting.

View Inventory

Management of Inventory is one of the most important activities in retail outlets. This become all the more paramount when managing inventory for a chain of store. Retail POS Suite, in conjunction with NetSuite ERP, allows for comprehensive inventory management and store managers can view the inventory counts of any product available across the chain from any of the stores.

Employee Time Clock Management

Retail POS Suite helps improve in-store service to customers, thus improving productivity, it also helps employee management. Employee Time-Clock Management is another feature offered, that helps store managers monitor till activity at the till. Using this managers can ensure adequate work distribution and manage shifts better.