A Point of Sale System for Strategic Business Advantage and Operational Excellence

  • The POS of choice for NetSuite customers

    • Seamless Integration with NetSuite ERP System
    • Synchronization with NetSuite database
    • Built exclusively for NetSuite
  • One stop solution for all your POS needs

    • Register/cash drawer management
    • Sales shift & time-clock management
    • Offline and stand-alone function
  • Integrated Retail Chain Management

    • Effective inventory management
    • OPOS hardware compatible
    • User friendly
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    • Secure payment processing
    • Multiple Payment modes
    • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Effective customer management

    • Store credits on return of products
    • Varied discounting options
    • Customer specific price levels


NetSuite helps growing and midsized companies by delivering market leading integrated, online business applications for CRM, ERP and Web Commerce, with products such as NetSuite, NetSuite One World, NetSuite CRM+ and SuiteFlex.

NetSuite enables companies of all sizes to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes customer relationship management; order management and fulfillment; inventory management; finance; ecommerce and website management and employee productivity.

XPOS, our POS solution, is completely integrated with the NetSuite ERP platform and allows for database synchronization with the NetSuite master database. It can also function offline and as a stand-alone, thus offering you complete control over your business.