A Point of Sale System for Strategic Business Advantage and Operational Excellence

  • The POS of choice for NetSuite customers

    • Seamless Integration with NetSuite ERP System
    • Synchronization with NetSuite database
    • Built exclusively for NetSuite
  • One stop solution for all your POS needs

    • Register/cash drawer management
    • Sales shift & time-clock management
    • Offline and stand-alone function
  • Integrated Retail Chain Management

    • Effective inventory management
    • OPOS hardware compatible
    • User friendly
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    • Secure payment processing
    • Multiple Payment modes
    • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Effective customer management

    • Store credits on return of products
    • Varied discounting options
    • Customer specific price levels

Retail POS Suite - Designed to Benefit Small, Mid-Size to Large Retailers

As an independent business owner, you know that an efficient Point of Sale System goes a long way in enabling you in making the right business decisions involving inventory, security and customer experience.

You need a Point Of Sale System that not only manages your daily point of sales activities proficiently but is also flexible enough to integrate with your Sales and Marketing strategy.

Retail POS Suite is designed for small, mid-size to large tier retailers like you to provide you the maximum bene?ts of POS, by keeping its operation simple. You can delight your customers with a superior shopping experience and at the same time maintain control over your inventory through integration with your supply chain and resource management systems.

Retail POS Suite is a simple, yet powerful business solution for retailers like you to efficiently automate your daily point of sales activities helping you compete and succeed in the ever changing retail market.

Retail POS Suite empowers your staff to provide professional and personalized services and maintain loyalty among your customers. It offers an easy, intuitive and user friendly GUI, with a role-based user experience that provides employees with critical information to make better decisions.

Specially designed to meet the demands of the retail industry, Retail POS Suite is easy to implement and use, with an ability to integrate with a wide range of hardware bringing in tremendous flexibility with a high degree of user friendliness.

With an ability to be configured around your sales and marketing initiatives, Retail POS Suite ensures that you can execute your marketing strategies across your stores to ensure your customers do not miss on any opportunities you have to offer.

Our Point of Sale solution can be seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, the industry’s leading cloud-based ERP/CRM suite enabling you to gain instant access to stock and customer information for better customer relationships and enhanced sales.

Checkout efficiency & accuracy

More accurate and faster checkouts allows employees to spend more time on the floor helping customers and less time behind the counter

Build excellent customer relationship

Enhance shopping experience of customers with flexible payment options, promotions and loyalty programs

Reduce training overheads

Reduce training requirement with user-friendly interface that demands minimal training, thus facilitating easy acceptance by employees

  • Multiple Payment modes for a single order
  • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Secure payment processing
  • Efficient return process, with configurable product return period
  • Provision for store credits on return of products
  • Gift card sales
  • Multiple discounting options
  • Customer specific price levels assignable
  • Comprehensive register/cash drawer management
  • Sales shift and time-clock management
  • Complete Integration with NetSuite ERP System
  • Ability to function offline and stand-alone
  • Periodic synchronization with NetSuite master database
  • Works with a wide range of OPOS driver compatible hardware
  • Multi–channel integration for inventory management
  • User friendly with touch-screen and bar-code integration