A Point of Sale System for Strategic Business Advantage and Operational Excellence

  • The POS of choice for NetSuite customers

    • Seamless Integration with NetSuite ERP System
    • Synchronization with NetSuite database
    • Built exclusively for NetSuite
  • One stop solution for all your POS needs

    • Register/cash drawer management
    • Sales shift & time-clock management
    • Offline and stand-alone function
  • Integrated Retail Chain Management

    • Effective inventory management
    • OPOS hardware compatible
    • User friendly
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    • Secure payment processing
    • Multiple Payment modes
    • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Effective customer management

    • Store credits on return of products
    • Varied discounting options
    • Customer specific price levels


Retail POS Suite runs on the computers at the checkout counters in your store and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks, including:

  • Point-of-sale operations
  • Comprehensive register/cash drawer management
  • Pricing, sales, and promotions with multiple discounting options
  • Customer management
  • Built in Loyalty Programs
  • Secure payment processing
  • Efficient return process, with configurable product return period
  • Employee Time Clock management
  • Seamless Integration with NetSuite ERP
  • Ability to function offline and stand-alone

Retail POS Suite is designed for small, mid-size to large tier retailers to provide the maximum benefits of POS, by keeping its operation simple. You can delight your customers with a superior shopping experience and at the same time maintain control over your inventory through integration with your supply chain and resource management systems.

YES. Retail POS Suite is designed to support Touch Screen Technology, but also works seamlessly with traditional monitors

YES. Retail POS Suite supports credit/debit card processing and has partnered with eMerchant Solutions for processing the cards. Other card processing solutions can be partnered with as per the region and vendor requirements.

YES. Retail POS Suite supports barcode scanning to ensure quick customer billing. The option of searching for products in the database is also available.

YES. Retail POS Suite has the option of running loyalty programs, where in customers can choose to be loyalty customers of the retail chain, benefitting from discounts to loyal customers

NO. While Retail POS Suite is an extremely user-friendly and easy to use product, only authorized partners would be allowed to install it, to ensure that the product is properly configured and optimized for the merchant

YES. We offer technical support. When you purchase the solution, you receive 1 year of free offline technical support. After the first year, you have the option of purchasing technical support on a yearly basis.

YES. There are security features in Retail POS Suite. You can assign permissions to each specific user based on his role within your operation. This ensures that only authorized personnel like store managers can perform certain actions.

YES. The Retail POS Suite system does keep track of inventory sales. Each item that is sold is deducted from the inventory database maintained in NetSuite and you can check the quantity of a product in your inventory at any given time.

Retail POS Suite works seamlessly with any .NET OPOS compatible hardware. If your existing POS hardware is .NET OPOS compatible, Retail POS Suite can be readily used on it.

YES. Retail POS Suite keeps track of gift certificates that are sold as well as redeemed. Gift certificate numbers and amounts are stored in the NetSuite Master Database to ensure that the data is accessible across stores dispersed over various regions.