A one-stop solution for all your POS needs

Retail POS Suite is designed for small, mid-size, and large-tier retailers to provide the maximum benefits of POS by keeping its operation simple. Users can delight their customers with a superior shopping experience while maintaining control over their inventory through integration with supply chain and resource management systems.

We help users deliver a seamless point of sale experience to their customers. With newly added features, our point of sale solution is now more flexible, easy to use, secure, and powerful.


Higher checkout efficiency & accuracy

checkout efficiency

Allow employees to spend more time on the floor helping customers and less time behind the counter with more accurate and faster checkouts.

Reduced training overheads

training overheads

Reduce training requirements with a user-friendly interface that demands minimal training, thus facilitating easy acceptance by employees.

Excellent customer relationships

Excellent customer

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with flexible payment options, promotions, and loyalty programs.


  • Complete integration with NetSuite ERP System
  • Comprehensive register/cash drawer management
  • Configurable access rights
  • Customizable receipt footer
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Efficient return and exchange process
  • Gift card sales
  • Label printer provision
  • Checking item availability while making the sale
  • Ability to function offline and stand-alone
  • Multiple discounting options
  • Periodic synchronization with NetSuite master database
  • Provision for store credits on return of products
  • Provision for transferring inventory
  • Configurable return period
  • Batch syncing of receipts
  • Wide variety of item search options
  • Works with a wide range of OPOS driver compatible hardware
  • Multi-channel integration for inventory management

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